~ I Lay My Regrets to Rest ~
~ For I See Them Now Hiding In The Shadows ~
~ I Tell Myself I Will Write This On My Soul ~
~ If you are going to be ~
~ Be Fearless ~

As you read this please know any red text you see are the places where I have made gains. Discovered ways to help myself. I keep adding to this page in red as I do.

I can tell you I used to like hiding. I used to run from confrontation. Two of the most difficult things I had to learn while handling Jedi. There was no blending into the background, nope, we are BIG energy.

Right now at this moment, we have the power to change this within us. We need to stop freezing ourselves in the broken moments. We need to see life is pliable, we can change.

I realized I oppressed myself, because it kept me from trying and failing. An unintended consequence of what I learned early on in life, mistakes are failure. Hiding was what I did best.

Growing up, my support system believed in the idea, if you cannot do it right, don’t even try.

img_1085Playing thoughts over and over in your head, trying to figure out what you believe you were supposed to do. What you did wrong, how dumb you believe you were perceived as being, is a trap. I ABSOLUTELY PROMISE YOU, THEY DID NOT SEE THE EVENT AS YOU DID!

I try to help people; I try to make them feel good, I try desperately to connect with the people who keep themselves at a distance. I always give complements; I go the extra mile for everyone. I always have kind words; I always look for the bright side for others, to reflect back at them.

I realized, by trying to figure out what is going wrong or how to fix it, I ended up listening

There are no mistakes ~ only learning opportunities. If you learn from it, the negative is defeated and you have new skills to draw from as you move forward.

to the negatives.  What went wrong, what did I do wrong. However, I am trying to stop seeing negativity and attempting to focus on the positive, it seems to be changing my brain and perceptions.

No one could have simply just told me to stop this. The thing I love the most about the journeys we take with our dogs, is it slowly brings us to new realizations. Sometimes it is difficult to change for yourself, but you may have the desire to change in order to improve relationships…doggies, children, family or significant others. In the end, we must still come to peace with ourselves.

I feel so calm and at peace when I train dogs. Dogs are real, they don’t have hidden agendas. They show you what they are feeling in each moment. I believe tuning into dogs helps you become better at tuning into yourself. That begins to help you discover your truth. You cannot be more in the moment or united with your true self. Being out of tune with yourself, can show up in your dog.

I feel when you truly communicate with an animal, you become enlightened.

I figured something out by accident, how this positive thinking works. It was during a loooooooooooong, crushing struggle with infertility, where my best coping skill was constantly telling myself I would be a terrible mother anyway. It’s Gods will, because I am a horrible person. Good try brain, you are so creative, but that attitude isn’t helping!

After years of living in a deep depression, when I came out on the other side, I became very, very silly. Please know this, because I joke around a lot in my blogs. You can thoroughly blame this on infertility. I did not want to be serious for many years afterwards. It stuck and now I can’t help it. 😜  I will blog about my infertility experience some day, I learned a lot from it. And against tremendous infertility divorce odds, I am still happily married. 💖

Trying to figure out your life’s plan and who you are down to the core of your existence, are very difficult things. 

Only you can figure this out for yourself, don’t give up. I believe in you.

I try to only think positive is so I know I am listening to my true conscious thoughts, being in the moment. I want to bring fourth only good karma. It quiets the negative.

I have a few other things I would like to blog about. Nature vs. nurture is huge for me. I have a strong line of negative thought patterns, depression, fear and anxiety running in my family.


Nurture enhanced my struggles. My leaders were unsuccessful in escaping their own negative thought patterns. They never realized they had a choice in how they respond to things that happen to them. It is difficult to even recognize, let alone change the deeply ingrained negative patterns, when both nature and nurture are stacked against you.

It is very difficult to hear what others are telling you, until you can get past yourself.

I am not very good with conflict. My family never had any conflict.  I know you are thinking “What the hell, not possible”. We would chew off our arm to avoid conflict. I believe, it had to do with shame and self worth, if you felt something was your fault. It was difficult saying sorry, because it meant you were somehow a bad person. We had the power and beauty of being sorry, all jumbled up. When conflict did arise, we would just roll it into a tiny ball and bury it deep, deep down inside. Healthy? NO!

It has been a long process, learning how to be calm and have healthy discussions. Thanks to my reactive dog, I have learned we can’t hide or avoid everything. There are times I must stand in the presence of of earth shattering, ear ringing, cell shaking chaos. Just like a reactive person needs, I remain calm for him. I understand his brain is out of control, he needs me to guide him out of the situation and calm him down. I take the wheel. Sometimes we go back and try again.  Sometimes he just can’t handle it. I completely understand, he is fighting the good fight. He tries for me and I try for him. There is a connection of understanding, that cannot be merely explained in words.

I feel very blessed to have a huge amount of stubbornness. I don’t feel good about my writing, but somehow I just keep going. I want people to be the best they can be, even if they are perceived as strange or odd.

What has really helped me the most was finally cementing the answer to this question into my consciousness, “Is life simply happening to us or are we active participants with choices?” I recently read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life” by Mark Manson. The biggest takeaway for me was the story told about William James. He answered this question for himself and his entire life changed. I highly recommend this book.

One last factoid: I have written thousands of responses, then deleted them…then I re-write them, ask my husband if they sound OK, then delete them no matter his opinion…then I re-write them, only to delete them once more. I fear you may misunderstand me, as I learn how to use my tiny voice in this big world. I call this “Tweet & Delete Syndrome”. I am currently in recovery.

When I depart from this earth, I leave you nothing. On my honor, I will give you the best of me while I am here.

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