KISKA (Bear) ~ “My Lucky Fortune”

My Lion

My third dog is named Kiska Bear. Yup another Akita. They just look like bears, don’t they?!? Kiska was born December 13, 2009. I remember the moment she was placed in my arms. The surge of electricity ran through me, I wanted to cry. Love.

Puppy # 5. A few days before we picked her up,

Her name “My Lucky Fortune” comes from a nugget of enlightenment I gleaned from a saying on the small white paper I read as I dipped my tea. You can read the whole story here. => A Girl and Her Lion – Part 1

Kiska is a once in a lifetime dog. She has been attacked several times in her life. Including the time she was 6 months old, receiving an injury that would completely rupture her ACL.

It was our neighbor’s dog. He was a big guy. If I venture to guess, he was most definitely over 100 lbs. He was being territorial. He jumped the fence to protect what he thought was his space. Kiska was making strange noises neither my husband nor I had heard before. My husband went outside to investigate. He got out there just in time.

Our petite neighbor was yelling to my husband, “He’s fine, he just wants to see her”. My husband asked her to retrieve him. The next moments were a blur, before he could react the dog grabbed Kiska and tossed her into the air like a rag doll. My husband was close enough to tackle him just as she came down in the dog’s mouth, tumbling free before he could complete his grip.

Soon, I looked out the window to inquire as to what had transpired. It took me a few seconds to register what I as seeing. My husband and my neighbor were both laying on top of her dog. They barely had hold of him, he was about to escape them. I remember no other time, where I could not move fast enough. I pulled myself down the stairs, hand over fist, because gravity was not doing the trick.

We had been warned about this dog and I knew something really bad could happen. I shot out the door, I took a wide path, so I didn’t give the dog who was still barely under my husband and neighbor, any inspiration to follow me. I also took a wide path behind Kiska. I didn’t want her to try to run away from me. I knew I was risking a bit from her, because I came up behind her, startling her. In one motion, I scooped her up and ran us back into the house.

I set her down and shook. I had never felt adrenaline like that before. It shook for a few good minutes. My husband who was so upset, was yellIng at our neighbor.

We ended up calling the police, because we had heard this dog had threatened people and young children. Both because we couldn’t live wondering if we were going to have to fed off a dog every time we took Kiska outside and we wanted the owner to get help, take responsibility for containing her dog before something regrettable actually happened.

This event didn’t phase her one bit. She remains the happiest, confident, super smart, super forgiving, amazing with a puppy, amazing with children, including my autistic niece, dog you will ever meet.

She once met a cranky chihuahua a the dog park. He wanted nothing to do with the other dogs. She doesn’t understand how creature could be anything but happy.

She gently, respectfully and kindly pulled the dog out of it’s shell. A circle of about 20 dog park visitors gathered around to watch.

The crowd was so touched, when that little dog finally joyfully played with Kiska. The entire world benefits from her gifts. She brings smiles to so many faces.

She drug me into the world, with her enthusiasm for it. No one could resist her. She gave me something to share with everyone. She helped pull me out of my shell. 💖

I cannot imagine life without her.

We competed in AKC Rally, we were very successful. She taught me how to walk next to a Lion. I have laughed and I have cried. My journey with her led to me teaching an AKC Rally class. I want to spread the gift of community and personal growth to as many people as possible.

She is also an amazing therapy dog with a complex rating.


Be a part of the world, that is the only way to find life’s treasures.




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