ABOUT: Learning To Live Out Loud

I started this blog to document my journey rehabbing my reactive dog. It turned into a blog documenting my journey of rehabbing a reactive human.

I had no idea that WordPress was more of a business blogging site. People who blog here

Just me

are excellent at it. They may be promoting their business or themselves. I have nothing to promote.  I am, but a tiny voice in this vast sea of blogs.

As I tried to work Jedi though his fear and anxiety, I began to realize I needed to first work myself through similar psychological processes.

I have been cleaning up my junk thoughts and jittery vibes. It is finally becoming easier to get my message across to others, I am becoming more aligned with myself. All the while, I have been attempting to blog about it.

During my experiences, incredibly, much of my fear and anxiety has diminished. I believe it has helped trying to spell things out through writing out loud to the big world.

Yet, I still find myself hiding this blog from most people I know. I can’t wait for the day, when I believe in myself enough to shout from the hilltops! That might be a scary day for everyone. Once I get going, I have learned I don’t stop very easily and have shattered the actual purpose of a blog (i.e. they are supposed to be short). Sorry, I really, really try. 😆

I made many mistakes on my journey. I warn you to take any of my reactive dog ideas with a grain of salt, until you reach this blog, Every Step We Take.

Start from the beginning if you want to laugh and cry along with me, regarding the things I learned along the way. At some point, I began to see my mistakes as great learning opportunities. I am sharing my story, in hopes that we can all be freed from our belief that we are alone in our difficult journeys.

Through social media, I finally began to realize others have felt this same way, others have difficult struggles and others have over come them. I want to help spark the realization that anyone can change their outlook, anyone can create a better future for themselves. You can move towards the life you have always wanted. Although, it might take some work on your part, but I believe in you.

  • Also, take note, I am not a writer. I have had difficulty expressing myself my entire life. It is my goal on earth to be as kind and helpful as possible. This is a deeply heartfelt discovery blog.  If I offend you, I am truly sorry. I had no intention of making anyone feel bad, but instead my hope is to empower you.  

I am not a professional dog behaviorist. I am a sport dog trainer and recently, a hobbyist reactive dog/people trainer. I consider myself a balanced trainer. Read more about me here.



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