Kiska The Bionic Dog!


We received some bad news last Monday and tomorrow I will be taking my sweet baby girl to have TPLO surgery on her non-bionic leg. She ruptured the acl in her “good leg”. This will be her second time having this type of surgery. By this time tomorrow she will have had both knees made bionic.

I told her if she wanted, we would always make the bionic woman sound for her, whenever she did anything athletic. I think she liked that.

After receiving her first bionic knee at 11 months old.

Putting on my brave face. I don’t have ignorance on my side this time. I know this is going to be difficult for her, last time she was just a puppy.  This time, she is 7.

She weights 80lbs, her doctor approved weight. We keep her on the lean side, because the surgeon told us it is easier on her leg without extra weight.  It is difficult for me to care for an 80lb creature, not as young as I used to be, when I threw 80lbs around like it was nothing. I will do my best for her. Always keeping, the thought of her running through the field with her brother, close.

She is an amazing therapy dog and loves meeting new people/dogs.

Tank, you look sad, do you need a hug?


She is loved by many. Especially, her brother who looks up to her and tries to copy her whenever he can.


Her presence has always been of comfort to Jedi.

If you have a spare moment, please say a prayer or send her some good thoughts.  

Real Puppy Love

One Comment Add yours

  1. Karen Stang says:

    Adorable pictures!! Sending love, peace and a speedy recovery to Kiska!! Peace and love to the rest of her family too!


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