I Need A Job!

Do you need help Dad?

We are signed up to start herding lessons the first Sunday in February!  Very excited, we got in with a wonderful instructor.  Now, I must not obsess about getting Jedi past all of the people and dogs quietly, to get us into the pen.  I will admit, old habits, but I always tell my students they must concentrate on what they want to happen and not what MIGHT happen.  Yes, this is not easy, but it is best.

I’m helping.

Jedi had a few lessons right about when he turned one year old.  Then again when he was a year and a half.  He was on sheep probably 8 – 10 times and ducks twice.  He really liked ducks.  I have yet to work him, the instructor was working with him at first.  He hales from current national herding winning parents and siblings.

Did I do good?

A side note, one of my students spoke with the dog school owner after my class.  She told her, I took her dog and was able to get him to perform the rally signs effortlessly.  This made both the owner and I smile.  The student told the owner, this class isn’t about teaching the dog to do anything, it is about teaching us isn’t it.  Oh yes, this class is about your journey.  I can take your dog and make them look good at allot of skills…  Such irony, I cannot take my dog and get him past other dogs…yet!  It is all about the JOURNEY!!


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