It’s All About Relationships

We all need goals.  Goals kick in after you have been doing something for a while and you start to lose focus on why you should continue.  It keeps you motivated and engaged in the everyday mundane part of the process.

The owner of the dog school where I teach, forwarded a very nice email from one of my students.  He is relocating because of his job, but he wanted to express how much he enjoyed and would miss taking my class.  I will email him back, because I want to keep in touch to hear about his rally successes when he begins to compete.

The funny thing about being a dog trainer is, I don’t really teach the dogs.  I am mentoring the people in their leadership and communication skills.  I am helping them become more confident and positive in everyday life, they may not even realize it.  That is my goal for my class.  It is why I love teaching.

During my next session, I am going to explain exactly that.  I want my students to know, that to be successful they need to improve those skills.  I sprinkled that in during the last class, but I am going to be a bit more direct this time.

My goal includes trying to be truly inspiring and motivating my peeps, just the same way I am asking them to do with their dogs.  We all win, we need people in the world who are here to make it a better place, even if they just think they are dog training.

Here is an excerpt from his email:
“I will truly miss the opportunity to participate with both of our Golden Retrievers in Jenifer’s Rally class. This class was something that worked great at helping our young dog Cooper think things through. There is no doubt that his experience in Rally greatly improved his abilities in agility to focus and take ques from me. No offense meant to those formal obedience folks, but real world Rally obedience is much more fun and rewarding training. Our older dog Ayla found her calling at the Rally 1 class. She finished that class with a strong motivation to do Rally. Jennifer is a Great Rally instructor and we are going to be missing out on the chance to work with her. We were looking forward to participating in the new Rally class format, and repeating the class a number of times. ”

The thing is, I didn’t do anything, except foster his love for dog training. He figured it out on his own, how to make dog training fun and rewarding for his team. He took the ball and ran with it, he changed his perspective.

I used to race my pedal bike locally.  The girls on my team had a saying “Most Fun Wins”. I always tell my students, if you can make training fun for both you and your dog, you win.  Yes, he won.


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  1. Great stories and a great site thank you very much.


  2. Iris says:

    Thank you for the informasjon. I really found it interesting, that it is all about mentoring the people. Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it! I usually take the most unruly dogs for my demos. I make them look amazing! Then hand them back to you, so you can start to believe what is possible. You get to decide how far you want to go with your dog. You are the one that does all of the work. I am here to tell you, the sky is the limit!


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